Thursday, November 17, 2011

Beatles Birthday Party

Now that my kids are big and don't like "dumb ass" birthday celebrations (their words, not mine) I was forced to indulge my need for a themed party by subjecting Sean to a Beatles Birthday Party.

Thankfully for everyone, I just themed out the food. There was no "Fab-Four Bingo" or "pin the Moustache on the Beatle" games (but you KNOW I coulda...)

 So a few minutes research on the web provided a sweet baby birthday party that I quickly stole and added to for Sean's big 47th. The original link is here, and their photographs are super. MY photographs are not, but you'll get the idea.

These were a huge hit. Graham cracker crust, choc ganache and marshmallows run under the broiler.

Setting these side by side is a must.

Luckily, Sean still has lots of Beatle toys, I mean Action Figures.

Mom and Fifi rocking their 60's up-do's

These were savory and had smoked salmon on them. They look a little challenged in the photo, but  they were fine.

Yellow submarines. I mean, c'mon! However, get this: the Twinkies went a little stale sitting on the table uncovered all night. WHO KNEW???

Oh these fricking T-trees. First of all they were a bitch to bake, a bitch to frost, I had NO orange sprinkles and by Nov. 16 there are none to be had at any store for any price (meaning they didn't have them at Raley's and I was too lazy to shop around) Then they kept sliding down the sticks. THEN I added toothpick branches, and THEN...well. whatever. They didn't even taste that great. Lesson learned.

I also did the sodas with signs, but don't have photos for...
Sergeant Dr. Pepper
For the Benefit of Mr. Sprite
You Say You Want a Coca-Cola?

To supplement the sweets, there were Bangers and Mash, BBQ Meatballs and Roasted Veggies (no Beatles tie-in) but I did make an Octopus' Garden Ceviche.