Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Tree-less-Tree Rides Again

It's up and here again!


Here's the story: (a post from last year)

And new photos from this year! And they're all out of focus! I suck!

I even had enough left over to make a tree for outside. It is a masterpiece of string and PVC.
So, how did I do this amazing feat of engineering? I laid out my rabbit fencing...

...used a string to be my cutting guide...

...(so cheap I was, I didn't even bother to cut the string--just secured it and tucked the roll under)...Then I convinced my handsome house boy to make the cuts, 'cause after about 14 my hands were shot. I ran some gray yarn along the sides just to give it some shape and tidy up the cut ends. Then was time to decorate.
In our house, most anything qualifies as a Christmas ornament.  Here is a Native American Wappo indian from Maddy's 3rd grade village project. Fiona was remarking on how perfect it was and expressed her disbelief that 8 yr. old Madeleine could have made such a thing...

...I said "Duh! Haven't you ever worked on a school project with me before???

Fiona's pre-school Easter craft? All it needs is string and a hook.
One Thanksgiving my MIL made Native American paper dolls of Maddy and Evan. Saved those puppies just for this.

Trinkets from travels...

My baby teething ring. Oh the 60's!

Photo of Sean and Santa '66 and a koala from our year in Australia '95.

Each child has a set of baby socks hanging up.

Lots of these photo frames that I painted.

Kindergarten macaroni is mandatory.

And there you have it: The tree-less-tree. I love it so much. 

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