Thursday, January 31, 2013

New project: Mosaic Table #2

My kids are so embarrassed. Whenever there's something marked "free" on the side of the road---well--there's a pretty good chance I'm going to want it. I don't take everything, but I certainly CONSIDER everything.

Yesterday was no exception. On the way to the dentist with Evan, a table on the road with a "free" sign appeared. My heart leaped! I rushed Ev into the dentist, told them I'd be right back and high-tailed it back to the table which thankfully was still there. I know-I know...I'm the only one who was worried it might be scooped up.
So I shoved it right into my CRV and returned to the dentist, claimed my son, ("Oh God Mom, you didn't...), and dropped him back at school. Then I took my new baby home.

It's a typical tile-topped table that was so popular in the 90's. In fact, we had one super similar to this. But this one has sweet farm house turned legs and the top was already badly cracked. ALL GOOD NEWS TO ME.
In about an hour, my helpers and I had the thing disassembled, tile chipped out and parts stacked. Today I'm taking it to a friend who will trim off the rounded edges and corners so we get nice 90 degree angles which will further update the look. Then I'll paint the legs and the frame, but the biggest quandary is WHAT TO MAKE ON IT??? Such a delicious problem :)

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